London Child Protection Procedures Part B consultation now closed

The London Child Protection Procedures Editorial Board has now completed work on Part B, Practice Guidance. This guidance is intended as a high level framework for London, aimed at a multi-agency audience rather than experts in a particular field.

The Editorial Board have received comments on the revised chapters, which can be found at, and which closed for consulation on Wednesday 19th March 2014. Please note that the sections dealing with "roles and responsibilities for health services" and "learning and development" are currently under review by specialist working groups, and will be the subject of consultation at a later date.

This stage of the editorial process has focussed on updating existing chapters in line with the latest national policy developments, rather than making detailed changes. Where consultation feedback indicates that more significant amendment is required to specific sections, specialist editorial groups will be established to lead on this process throughout 2014.

Many thanks to all who contributed to these revisions and during the consultation.

 London Child Protection Procedures: updated Part A now available 

A multi-agency editorial panel, working with colleagues from Tri.x(appointed by London Councils following an open tendering process) have now completed the work on Part A of the London Child Protection Procedures, covering the Core child protection procedures. These are available to download at

The principles underlying this revision of the procedures have been to separate out procedures from practice guidance and to update the procedures in accordance with Working Together 2013 and other developments in social work practice. The editorial panel have been working on a fully revised section of practice guidance as Part B of the new Procedures. This section is accessible via the 'Part B' tab.

The contents in Part B is the same chapters, which were in the 4th edition of the London Child Protection Procedures and are currently being revised.

The new 'London Threshold Document - Continuum of Help and Support' has been developed and is linked throughout Part A of these procedures. This document has been part of the consultation process and the final version will be part of the final 5th edition in Spring 2014.

Police Form 87s

Please follow the links below to download the police form 87s referenced in the procedures.

word doc  Form 87a - referral
word doc  Form 87b - information request

Previous editions of the London Child Protection Procedures 

Please follow the link below to download the second and third editions of the London Child Protection Procedures, which have now been superseded.

Previous versions of the London Child Protection Procedures

Supplementary procedures

The London Child Protection Procedures are supported by a number of supplementary procedures, all of which are summarised in the main document. These supplementaries can be downloaded from the links below - please note that these have not been updated as part of the recent revision of the main procedures, which will take precedence where any contradictions arise.

2013 Safeguarding London's Children Conference

2013 Safeguarding London's Children Conference

london council safeguard children Click here to download papers from the 2013 Safeguarding London's Children conference.
Local Safeguarding Children Board contact details

Local Safeguarding Children Board contact details

london council safeguard children Click here to find contact details for your Local Safeguarding Children Board.

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