London Child Protection Procedures: Now available at    

The London Child Protection Procedures are managed by the Editorial Board.  The Editorial Board is a sub group of the London Safeguarding Children Board [LSCB] and meets 3 times/year. It
is responsible for ensuring that the London Child Protection Procedures and Guidance [LCPPG] are:

• Accessible and user friendly
• Comprehensive
• Consistent and coherent
• Written to a high standard
• Kept up to date with changes to legislation and guidance
• At the forefront of developing best practice

The Procedures are divided into 2 parts: Part A Child Protection Procedures and Part B Guidance.

Part A: Child Protection Procedures

Part A is now available as a pdf, via this link.

The child protection procedures will be revised every 3 years and updated on a rolling basis with changes to legislation and statutory guidance. 

Part B: Guidance

The guidance will be revised on a rolling basis. The Editorial Board will prioritise chapters for revision on an annual basis and present these recommendations to the LSCB for approval. Where there is an urgent need to update a chapter, the Editorial Board will seek the LSCB’s approval at the first available opportunity.

The Process of Revising the Procedures and Guidance

Where the procedures are due to be revised or the Editorial Board recommends that a chapter of the guidance should be revised or a new chapter written, this may be completed either by commissioning an external company or by convening a sub group of expert professionals to carry out the revision, or a combination of the two.

A sub group will be set up and supported by the manager of the LSCB.  The Editorial Board will oversee the revision and will approve final versions before they can be included in the LCPPG. The process for the work of the sub group will be as follows:

• The Editorial Board recommends whether the work should be commissioned or whether a sub group should be convened to carry it out.
• If a sub group is to be convened the Editorial Board will be informed of the membership of the group and give a rough timeline for the work to take place.
• The sub group may consider either:
     o  A draft proposal already written by a commissioned expert
     o The experts at the meeting will agree how the work will be carried out.
• When a draft is complete, the group will present it to the Editorial Board for comments.
• The Editorial Board will either sign it off straight away or send it back for further changes.
• When the Editorial Board has signed off the procedure/chapter it is then put out for consultation. Consultation will normally be open for 4 -6 weeks but can be longer.
• Feedback from the consultation is then accepted or rejected by the sub-group. The chapter is then redrafted and sent back to Editorial Board.
• It is signed off by the Editorial Board or sent back for further changes.
• Once it is signed off by the Editorial Board, the website will be updated and there will be a launch to alert professionals to the revised procedure including a briefing paper highlighting the key changes.

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