National FGM resources

Please follow the links below to download a new poster and information leaflet to raise awareness of FGM:

pdf icon  FGM poster
pdf icon  FGM information leaflet

The government FGM webpages are available at, and an email address has been set up at for anyone with concerns or questions about FGM.    

London FGM resource pack

On November 26th 2009, the London Safeguarding Children Board launched the London FGM Resource Pack at the Globe Academy in Southwark. This innovative pack brings together a wide range of existing work into one handy document for the first time, and will be a key tool to help professionals and community groups work together to combat FGM. Please follow the link below to download a pdf of the pack.

 pdf icon  London FGM Resource Pack

The pack is designed for all people who work with children, but especially midwives and other health professionals, teachers, social workers and police officers.

It contains detailed information about FGM, as well as guidelines on how to spot victims of abuse or girls at risk. These include a set of questions for midwives to ask women attending their clinics. There is also advice on how community groups can help to prevent FGM, and information to help professionals discuss the issue with parents and children.

Sharing good practice

Powerpoint document  The African Well Women's Clinic - information poster
Word document  The African Well Women's Clinic - Waltham Forest leaflet
Word document  FGM - what you need to know (Waltham Forest PCT) 
Word document  FGM clinical guideline (Leeds Teaching Hospital)
pdf icon  FGM flowchart (Hammersmith Hospitals)
pdf icon  FGM guidelines (Hammersmith Hospitals)
pdf icon  RCN Educational Resource (Royal College of Nursing)
pdf icon  London Board FGM Procedure (London Safeguarding Children Board)
Word document  FGM Audit (Chelsea and Westminster)
Word document  FGM Audit (Queen Charlotte's)

Metropolitan Police Female Genital Mutilation Prevention Campaign

The Summer Holidays have been identified as a time when girls are particularly vulnerable to becoming victims of FGM by being flown out to countries which openly practice FGM, or by having the procedure conducted on them at home, utilising the holiday period as recovery time. 

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has developed Project Azure to tackle this issue, and they are working in conjunction with London Safeguarding Children Board, British Medical Association, AFRUCA, FORWARD, Agency for Culture and Change Management and Crimestoppers for this purpose.

 Project Azure is aiming to raise awareness about FGM, particularly in relation to the health implications for the victims and the legal implications for anyone arranging or participating in this practice, and has developed an electronic FGM Training and Briefing pack to be widely disseminated to any agency or voluntary organisation whose staff has contact with children - follow the links below to download this information*:

Word document  Summer holidays are for fun - general project info
Powerpoint document  Summer is for fun - training presentation
Word document  General FGM information
PDF document  2008 Printable poster designed by Young People Speak Out
PDF document  Printable poster (Somali / English and Arabic)
Word document  FGM Prevalence Profile
Word document  Contacts and website links

* Paper posters can also be ordered using the contact details below.

The MPS have developed Standard Operating Procedures to assist MPS police officers' investigations and therefore they may not be wholly relevant, but are included below as potentially useful to professionals:

word doc  FGM SOPs
word doc  FGM flowchart   

The MPS asks that you support this project by reading this pack and using the training tools within your agency. Any staff member who has contact with children or their families should be included in the training. Please also disseminate this weblink and its attachments as widely as possible to other appropriate sources.

The Project Azure team can be contacted at 020 7161 2888 or on

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