Revised structure of the London Safeguarding Children Board

At the Board meeting on 3rd September 2015 a number of changes to the Board’s structure and ways of working were agreed. The Board decided to focus its work on three key priorities – female genital mutilation, child sexual exploitation and preventing extremism.  Task and Finish groups are being set up to address these issues and will be attended be senior leaders from the agencies represented on the London SCB. 

The focus of the work of these groups will be on identifying the key obstacles to effective identification, prevention and prosecution for each of the three priorities and on developing ways of overcoming these obstacles. An additional aim will be to identify ways of working together more effectively, including, where possible, sharing resources. The groups will run for 18 months at which time progress will be reviewed and the decision taken whether to continue with the same priorities or to identify new ones.

Safeguarding Conference and Awards

As a result of the focus on three priority areas, the Board has decided not to hold the Annual Safeguarding Children Conference and Awards.  The Board will continue to host seminars and workshops on key safeguarding issues. The decision not to continue with the Conference and Awards wasn’t an easy one as both have run successfully for a number of years and have been well received by the safeguarding professionals and volunteers who have attended. However it was felt that with limited resources, it was important to focus the work of the Board where it could have the most impact – hence the focus on a small number of priorities.

The Conference and Awards have been very much a collaborative effort, with many individuals and agencies involved in delivering workshops, giving presentations and submitting excellent applications to the Awards and the Board would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have contributed to their success over the years and we look forward to continuing to work together to develop and enhance safeguarding across London.


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